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Safe Routes to School
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Safe Routes to School
Safe Routes to School


The Minneapolis Walking Routes for Youth map can help you plan your route!

Active Commute Equals Active Mind

MPS Safe Routes encourages students and families to actively commute to school. Research suggests students who walk to school have better attendance and higher achievement than those who do not. A recent study found that walking or biking to school improved children's concentration during the school day much more than eating breakfast or lunch did!. Other research links walking and creativity. As we all play a role in student success, in students achieving their dreams, MPS Safe Routes offers the commute to school as a small piece of this larger goal. Please contact MPS Safe Routes if you'd like assistance starting Safe Routes efforts in your community, educating staff and students on safe routes, organizing bike/walk events and walking buses, establishing school-owned bicycle fleets and/or addressing safety concerns.

Mark your calendar:

International Walk to School Day is October 7, 2015.

Winter Walk Day is February 3, 2016. The International Winter Cycling Congress is February 2-4, 2016 in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. 

National Bike to School Day is May 4, 2016.


Safe Routes to School Highlights from 2014-2015:

  • Bethune, Cityview, Lyndale, Marcy, Ramsey, and Whittier implemented Walk! Bike! Fun! during P.E. class. Students put their learning into practice by bicycling as a group on the streets and trails of Minneapolis using the Minneapolis Public Schools bicycle fleet. 
  • Green Central, Lake Nokomis--Keewaydin, Lake Nokomis--Wenonah, Loring, Lyndale, Northrop, Pratt, Seward all implemented weekly Bus Stop & Walks! In the year-end survey, 9 of 10 staff reported that on the days of the Bus Stop & Walks, students arrived to school MORE ALERT and READY to LEARN! Nearly 3,000 "extra" students experienced the joys and reaped the benefits of walking to school each week. (See full survey results.)
  • More than 35 schools and 8,000 students and staff participated in the fall and spring walk & bike to school days! The inaugural Winter Walk day had twenty schools participating. 
  • Bancroft, Bethune, Jefferson, Pillsbury, Roosevelt HS, Seward, South HS, Whittier all received Safe Routes to School mini-grants from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and implemented their individual plans in the spring. 
  • Bicycle field trips galore--including Northrop's school wide trip to Fort Snelling, Bryn Mawr's fifteen mile tour of the Minneapolis watershed, a South High Green Tiger's excursion to Minnehaha Falls and Pillsbury Pedal Power's trek all the way to STILLWATER!
  • After schools bike clubs flourished--Andersen, Northeast MS, Jefferson, Keewaydin, Pillsbury, +