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Safe Routes to School
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Safe Routes to School
Safe Routes to School


October 8 is International Walk to School Day. Minneapolis Public Schools will join families around the world to celebrate the joys and benefits of walking to school. We will celebrate this day as Walk and Bike to School and Work Day!

Events can be as simple as announcing “It’s walk and bike to school day,” and providing I WALKED and I BIKED stickers to walkers and bikers as they arrive. If you register your walk/bike event with MPS SRTS, we’ll send you these stickers and everything you need for a successful event. In the fall more than 30 schools,  representing more than 6,500 students and staff participated in this event. Don’t let your school be left out:

Register your school’s Walk/Bike to School event—big or small—with MPS Safe Routes to School by emailing Jennifer.bordon@mpls.k12.mn.us  You will receive a prize package that includes the super-cool I WALKED/I BIKED stickers for students and staff, other small incentives like MOA Mystery Tickets, simple posters, flyers and more.  While you are encouraged to join children and families around the world on October 8, MPS SRTS will support any walk/bike event in October with these goodies, while supplies last.

Please include

Name of your school
The date/time of your event
Approximate # of student walkers expected
Approximate # of student bikers expected
Approximate # of staff walkers expected
Approximate # of staff bikers expected
Brief description of plans (optional)





May 7, 2013

Another Record-Breaking Bike and Walk to School Day

More than thirty schools representing more than 6,500 students and staff participated in Bike and Walk to School events on May 7, National Bike to School Day. The Bike/Walk Day was the Wednesday signature event in the first-ever MPS Wellness Week as well as in the reconfigured Minneapolis Bicycle Week. Thank you MPS Wellness and Minneapolis Bicycle Week for the support. Thank you also to the Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe, Quality Bike Parts, BikeMN, MnDOT, and AAA for continued support of Bike and Walk efforts in Minneapolis Public Schools.
Here’s the list of participating schools: Anthony, Andersen, Barton, Bryn Mawr, Edison, Field (May 14), Green Central, Hale (May 19-23), Hall, Hiawatha, Howe, Jefferson, Jenny Lind, Keewaydin (May 5), Kenwood, Marcy, Lake Harriet Upper, Loring, Lucy Craft Laney, Lyndale, Nellie Stone Johnson,  Northeast Middle School, Northrop (May 22), Pillsbury, Pratt, Ramsey, Roosevelt, Sanford, Seward (May 9), Sheridan, South (ALL WEEK), South Campus Adult Education, Transitions Plus (ALL WEEK), Waite Park, Wenonah (May 5), and Whittier.
Some highlights
  • Washburn High School hosted students across MPS for the annual Developmentally Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) Bike Event. Some of the bicycles used by students were funded by a MnDOT Safe Routes to School grant.
  • Hiawatha and Howe reported nearly 40% of students participating.
  • Bus Stop and Walks afforded nearly whole school participation at Wenonah, Keewaydin, Lyndale, Loring and Northrop. (Lyndale and Loring also held additional events).
  • Davis Center hosted a city-wide commuter pit stop that was visited by students and staff on the way to Lucy Craft Laney.

Active Commute=Active Mind

In support of Attend to Achieve, MPS Safe Routes encourages students and families to actively commute to school. Parents report anecdotally that the arrival of “the walking bus” provides children with strong motivation to get “out the door” on time (or sometimes even “way too early”). Indeed research suggests students who walk to school have better attendance and higher achievement than those who do not. A recent study found that walking or biking to school improved children's concentration during the school day much more than eating breakfast or lunch did!. Other research links walking and creativity. As we all play a role in student success, in students achieving their dreams, MPS Safe Routes offers the commute to school as a small piece of this larger goal.




Please contact MPS Safe Routes if you'd like assistance starting Safe Routes efforts in your community, educating staff and students on safe routes, organizing bike/walk events and walking buses, establishing school-owned bicycle fleets and/or addressing safety concerns.