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Safe Routes to School
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Safe Routes to School
Safe Routes to School


May 6th is National Bike to School Day. As part of the second-annual MPS Wellness Week, Minneapolis Public Schools will celebrate May 6 with Bike and Walk to School and Work events across the district. Events can be as simple as announcing "It's Bike & Walk to School Day" and greeting walkers and bikers with I WALKED and I BIKED stickers at arrival. In addition to stickers for all participants, schools that register with MPS SRTS will receive a prize package that includes prizes for drawings, simple event posters, flyers, and more. Join staff, students and families across the nation on May 6, or choose the day or week in May that works best for your school community. 

Participating in walk and bike to school events helps foster academic achievement, improve student health, raise environmental awareness and build connections among families, schools and the larger community. And they are FUN.Please follow this link to register your school's May walk/bike event: http://goo.gl/forms/QqrABNxc2v


Active Commute Equals Active Mind

MPS Safe Routes encourages students and families to actively commute to school. Research suggests students who walk to school have better attendance and higher achievement than those who do not. A recent study found that walking or biking to school improved children's concentration during the school day much more than eating breakfast or lunch did!. Other research links walking and creativity. As we all play a role in student success, in students achieving their dreams, MPS Safe Routes offers the commute to school as a small piece of this larger goal. Please contact MPS Safe Routes if you'd like assistance starting Safe Routes efforts in your community, educating staff and students on safe routes, organizing bike/walk events and walking buses, establishing school-owned bicycle fleets and/or addressing safety concerns.