Discipline Inquiry Request Form
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Discipline Inquiry Request Form

Discipline Inquiry Request Form

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Student Last Name 
Student First Name 
Student ID 
Parent Last Name 
Parent First Name 
Phone Number  
Best Call Time
Parent Email Address 
Does your student have a 504 or Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

Do you believe there was a violation of your student's plan?

Before this incident, were you provided or made aware of the district discipline policy?

Did your child receive in school or out of school suspension?

If your child was suspended, were you notified?

When were you notified about your child's suspension?

Did you receive a notice of suspension that explained the incident within 48 hours?

Is/was a re-entry meeting scheduled?

Was your child offered one of the following resources for self-management skills?

Are documents and communications made available in your language?

Requested outcome 

* denotes a required field